We provide system infrastructure support to many corporate companies in Turkey and we deliver increasing demands every day with 98% customer satisfaction.

Quicklyserv Strong Service
Network All Over Turkey

Have you met the leading and widely used devices of technology? If you haven’t met, hold tight! Because many great devices are waiting for sale with their current stocks to meet you with all their qualified features.

Well, is that all? Of course not. We also offer high quality and powerful service networks and services for our customers. After today, you can turn your route to our store and get to know the quality very closely.

Who are

Service and Maintenance Service Areas

As Quicklyserv, we are proud to provide qualified services to our customers. Which service areas do we have and what are the services we provide?

Our Technology Products in the Field of Networking

ATS/STS, PDU, UPS, Environment Monitoring System, Indoor / Indoor Access Point, Outdoor / Outdoor, Converter, Server, Router, Serial Ethernet Converter etc. There are many other products such as.

Repair and Support Center with Strong Service Network

We have many services that we provide technical support. At the top of these services are the following:

Network Service & Maintenance, Access Control Systems Service & Maintenance, Camera Service & Maintenance, UPS Service & Maintenance, Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

You can get detailed information by writing to our support line to benefit from these service maintenance. Quicklyserv will be your route from now on. Because with a strong service network, we provide a service that is characterised as first class quality in Turkey. You can also join us and benefit from these services.

What are the Solutions We Offer Within the Network?

Hangi alanlarda çözümler sunduğumuzu merak mı ediyorsunuz? Bu teknolojik altyapı çözümlerimiz ile problemlerinizi en kısa sürede ortadan kaldırıyoruz. Çözümler neler mi? İşte çözümler:

Fiber Termination Solutions, Structured Cabling Solutions, Data Centers Solutions, Energy Infrastructure Systems, Card Pass Systems, Conference Solutions

In addition to these, we partner with many leading brands. Our company, which is the pioneer of the sector, offers you solutions with our expert team. You can also closely follow our success stories, strong service network you can also accompany our journey to Turkey.

We are just a phone call away. For all technological services, you can entrust your business to our expert team with peace of mind. Remember that you will always be one step ahead with Quicklyserv.

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